Survive & Thrive at Home Together Packet


Years ago we were parenting two newly adopted children, both of whom had significant trauma-related needs.  Our children each required a high level of support.  We had  just begun to learn about the impact of developmental trauma and had limited resources and access to support.  We were overwhelmed and pretty much on our own. We lived in isolation… much as we all are living right now.

We learned how to do things differently and got our family through the roughest and most isolated days.  We kept it simple, stayed connected with each other and tried our best to be kind.  We found that when we could do that…we really did survive and thrive.  We were not perfect.  The kids had hard days and we had them too. We made repair, tried again, and moved forward.  Our greatest lesson was learning that our kids do not need us to be perfect.  They needed us to be gentle with ourselves and with them; and to worry less about DOING and more about BEING.

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Right now, we are all coping with stress and isolation. The valuable lessons my family learned back in 2006, have relevance for children with trauma-related needs today.  We learned how to relieve stress and decrease uncertainty for our children.  We also found that the strategies we used were helpful for all children (and the adults in the household)!   This model transformed our family.  We hope it can help your family to survive and thrive!  Please download this packet for free, check it out, and Please share with us the results.


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