Building Resilience amid a Pandemic and Trauma Informed Special Education Programs

June 24th & 25th, 2020
Two full days of virtual training on creating Trauma-informed classrooms and schools with Dr. Melissa Sadin.

Learn about the impact of the pandemic on students on day 1 and understand how to create a trauma informed special ed. program on day 2.

About this Event
DAY 1 – Trauma Informed Classrooms in a Pandemic
In this highly engaging workshop, participants will:
• Understand the prevalence of trauma in our schools.
• Explore their own childhood adverse experience exposure.
• Recognize the neurobiological and psychological impact of trauma on children.
• Learn the framework for a trauma-informed classroom amid a pandemic.
• Identify strategies to support students in a new normal.
DAY 2 – Creating Trauma Informed Special Education Programs
Participants will:
• Explore the intersection between trauma and special education.
• Identify trauma in standardized assessments for special education.
• Learn classroom strategies to support special education students with trauma.
• Consider the elements of a trauma informed IEP.