Extraordinary Parenting, LLC (XP) builds hope and resilience in children with high trauma needs and the families, agencies and communities that serve them. Collectively, XP provides consulting, advocacy, evaluation, intervention and support.

The R.I.S.E., (Relational, Integrative, Supportive, Experiences) Philosophy of Care was created by XP founder Tiffany Sudela-Junker, and is a result of her own parenting transformation, extensive experience and long standing work supporting caregivers, educators, community members and youth as an advocate, educator, coach and consultant.

Tif’s area of specialization is making trauma-related needs and the neuroscience behind them easier to understand and supporting caregivers, helping professionals and natural supports in implementing truly compassionate, trauma-informed care.

XP provides training for caregivers, educators, law enforcement, organizations, helping professionals, community members and leaders to understand and integrate the R.I.S.E. philosophy of care. R.I.S.E. is a neuroscience, relational, and hope centered framework for responding to the highly sensitized nervous system with compassion and building resilience through positive memory building experiences and creating relationally rich, biologically respectful, self-healing communities.

Small Group Coaching and Support Groups

Gathering small groups of caregivers together who may be facing similar challenges, offers the opportunity to build a community of support while allowing the group to share key insights, grow and learn through shared experiences, the wisdom of the group, and by the guidance and wisdom of leaders in the field of Attachment and Trauma and by those who have walked in their shoes. Designed to become self-healing communities over time, these groups are safe and brave spaces to share experiences in an alternate parenting journey and to connect with a sense of community often missing for those parenting children with high trauma needs.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in talking with us about hosting aTraining, or offering Group Coaching or Monthly Support Groups. We look forward to hearing from you!