Tiffany Sudela-Junker

Tif Sudela-Junker

Tiffany Sudela-Junker is mother by adoption to two children with vastly different trauma-based special needs.

Her award winning documentary, “My Name Is Faith” captures the Junker’s early journey, coming to terms with the impact their daughter’s difficult beginning would have on them all.

With her own growth process as an example, Tif mentors and advocates for a “empathy + connection before correction” approach to parenting. Stressing EXTRA empathy, mindfulness, humor, attunement, self-compassion and reciprocal atonement as key ingredients to helping tough kids achieve higher function and healthy relationships.

Through stories of struggle and lessons learned with her brilliant, challenging and hilarious children, Tif raises awareness and an authentic understanding for the EXTREME neurology, behavior, circumstances, and the emotional strength found in families struggling to overcome the aftermath of childhood trauma.

Selected as an 2017 Angels in Adoption Award recipient by Senator Patty Murray (WA), Tif is a board alumni and professional member of the Attachment & Trauma Network, a community of parents creating trauma-sensitive schools, building awareness about the lasting impact of trauma and empowering parents to facilitate recovery and help build resilience with their children.

In addition, Tif is on the Leadership Committee for Kitsap Strong, a collective impact initiative with a mission to help all people flourish through an emphasis on empowerment and equity, educational attainment, the prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences/toxic stress, and the building of resilience & hope.